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About-3DPrintShoppy is the growing online 3D printing platform, ideal to make visual parts, functional prototypes, models and scale models, per unit or in small and large series. We are also multi-brand re-seller of desktop & Professional 3D Printers, 3D Print materials, tools, accessories and sellers of Trending 3D Printed Ready Models from popular 3D Model websites

We are passionate about 3D Printing and the value it brings not only to designers, innovators, researchers, and professionals in all sectors but also to enthusiastic hobbyists and makers.

Dream it…Print it

At 3D Print Shoppy, together with our professional 3D Printing partners and associates, we print your designs, Projects and ideas using state-of-the-art equipment and high quality materials to your requirements and specifications.

Currently we are using FDM technology and progressively moving to other technologies of 3D Printing such as SLA, SLS and DLP etc., we print 3D models in various colour and materials. Please talk to us today to know more about our services.