DyzEnd Pro Hotend 1.75mm 24 V 0.4MM Nozzle

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DyzEnd Pro Hotend 1.75mm 24 V 0.4MM Nozzle

High performance, high speed, high flow, and high-temperature 3d printer hotend. Equipped with ultra wear resistant nozzle in tungsten carbide.

The DyzEnd Pro has a really small form factor making it one of the smallest hotend on the market. It is designed with a new high-temperature heat block, a new ceramic coated transition tube, vibration dampening feature, reinforced sealing properties, and smaller vibration resistant connectors that are better suited for 3D printers in closed environments.

Moreover, the DyzEnd Pro comes equipped with Dyze Design’s new ultra wear resistance tungsten carbide nozzle. The high thermal performance of the tungsten carbide keeps the nozzle tip hot, thus allowing faster printing speed without sacrificing the quality. Tungsten carbide has exceptional wear resistance due to its high hardness.


New High-Temperature Heat Block: Steel will keep its strength at high temperatures much better than copper or aluminum. The new block shape reduces losses by breaking the sharp edges. The coating is very slippery and easier to clean.

New Ceramic Coated Transition Tube: The DyzEnd Pro is made from a ceramic coated titanium transition tube. The hard coating increases wear resistance and reduce friction, enabling easier retraction and better flow.

Fan sound/vibration dampening: The small rubber spacer absorbs the vibrations generated from the fan and reduces the noise. The higher quality fans have ball bearings, increasing lifespan, and further vibration reduction.

Cold Swappable Nozzles: By using a very special high-temperature sealing washer and a very strong M10 nozzle, the DyzEnd Pro is able to switch nozzles at room temperature. No leaks, no burning hazard.

Inconel® sealing washer: Inconel alloys are heat-resistant and can be used in extreme environments. The sealing washer easily keeps its sealing properties, even at 500°C.

Liquid Cooling Ready: The DyzEnd Pro can be easily converted to a liquid cooled setup with Dyze Design’s specialized cooling blocks.

In the Box:

  • DyzEnd Pro Hotend equipped with Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
    • Fan with connector
  • Heater with Connector
  • Temperature Sensor with Connector
  • Extension Cables
    • 1000mm – Fan
    • 1000mm – Heater
    • 1000mm – Sensor
  • BlackCable Tie
  • Dyze Design Brand Stickers
  • Additionnal Sealing Washer

* Mounting bracket isn’t included. You can design your own or find some ideas from the community: https://www.yeggi.com/q/dyze/

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